What is Yizong?
The Yi in Yizong means many things, it can be seen as the Yi from Yi Jing, yin yang, itlogo luo
can mean change, or to be endless , to be continuous.
The zong means system.
Our school name originates from Zhang Jun Feng, who came to Taiwan in 1948 and
started teaching xing yi, ba gua and tai ji. On arrival he ran a business and taught
martial arts. However a:er a year he began to exclusively teach martial arts and
opened the Yi Zong school. He specialized in Ba Gua, however he also had a deep
understanding and ability in hsing yi and tai ji, which Luo Lao Shi continues to this
day. His philosophy was that these three arts used the concept of change from the yi
Hong Yi Xiang studied with Zhang Jun Feng and then opened YiZong TangShouDao,
where Luo studied with him.
Luo has named our school Yi Zong as it adheres to the tradition and knowledge of the
Yi Zong heritage passed down by Zhang Jun Feng and Hong Yi Xiang.